Crime Prevention at the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

The following are its key objectives and/or strategies:  

· Providing guidelines and consultation for the Program of Crime Prevention on the local level and the Partnership Program (system of financing)

· Training regional crime prevention police and municipal managers

· Cooperating with regional governments on planning and implementing the Partnership Program (providing guidelines, consultations as support and helping to draft crime prevention programs addressing specific regional issues)

· Create evaluation standards for situational prevention projects

·  Providing guidelines or drafting projects on the following issues:

- protection of victims-witnesses of  the human trafficking (sexual exploitation, illegal labour etc.)

- prevention of violence against women and children

- support of victims of domestic violence

           - support of victims of cyber crime

           - supervising the National Coordination Mechanism for Missing Children

· Informing public about successful prevention activities

· Supervising activities based on the Czech Republic membership in the relevant international organizations

· Improving and developing bilateral cooperation




Ministerstvo vnitra OBPPK