About the Project

The National Coordination Mechanism for Missing Children (NKMPPD) is a system developed to facilitate timely and successful rescue of the missing children. It engages general public and provides psychological support to the missing children's families. The system is based on search operations performed by the Police of the Czech Republic, assisted (when necessary) by the Integrated Emergency System and other relevant subjects.

The following are main pillars of NKMPPD

  1. search operations by the Police of the Czech Republic 
    (in combination with international police cooperation),
  2. comprehensive information system,
  3. psychological and social support for the missing children's families.

NKMPPD shall be activated when:

1. The missing child is under 15 years of age and his/her life or health is in danger plus any of the following criteria:

-  the child may become a victim of an accident due to his/her age

-  the child has no access to his/her life-supporting medicin

-  the child is physically or psychologically handicapped

-  the case involves abduction with signs of violence, with the potential offender suffering from mental condition, unstable with possible unforeseeable reactions, or when previous threats by the potential offender or other circumstantial evidence suggest that the child's life or health are in danger.

2. The child is aged 15 to 18 and subject to other conditions (i.e. the child is physically or mentally handicapped or has no access to the life-supporting medicine)

Collaborating partners:

In May 2010 when NKMPPD was officially launched, the Minister of the Interior signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with ten major national media partners (TV, radio and online media). According these Memoranda, the media publish information about a missing child whose life is in danger - along with a call for public cooperation - in the shortest time possible after receiving an alert. Conditions for the transmission of such data from the Police to the media are regulated by the “missing persons” application on the website of the Police of the Czech Republic. Other potential collaboration partners are those who either posses unique technological or mobile devices, or NGOs who are actively helping or assisting children in need. 

Experiences gained during almost two years of the project existence prove that the system is effective and fulfils its functions as well as original hopes and expectations. 

NKMPPD belongs among the main priority projects of the Crime Prevention Strategy of the Czech republic for the Years of 2012-2015. Moreover the latest recommendation of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child from June 2011 mentions NKMPPD as one of the few progressive achievements of the Czech Republic.


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